Management & Asset Management


Through our partner company, Caribbean Hospitality Group (CHG), HA has the ability to provide on-site management with highly qualified personnel to operate the hotel on a daily basis.  This will includes:

  • Preparing a plan to recruit, engage and train qualified personnel and providing information about the various positions, schedules and compensation.
  • Compiling an annual plan and budget to operate the hotel.
  • Preparing an annual plan to maintain the property, including repairs and capital improvements.
  • Developing service contracts and insuring that all necessary permits and licenses are secured.
  • Developing accounting systems and controls.
  • Preparing monthly and annual financial reports.
  • Insuring the timely payment of all applicable expenses including payroll and wage tax returns.


CHG will install revenue and yield-management systems to insure knowledge of and proper response to the competition so that revenues are maximized and maintained on a consistent basis, thereby permitting the hotel to adjust its inventory and rates to be a leader in the hotel’s competitive set.

Guest acquisition and retention will be the responsibility of on-site personnel supported by third-party experts in marketing, advertising and public relations.  

Programs and activities will be developed to appeal to various customer segments in order to compete for today’s guest seeking a unique experience to distinguish the hotel from its competition

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