Consulting & Advisory

Beyond assisting the project owner in the selection and negotiation process to seek the most appropriate brand for the project, HA will also act as owner’s representative in negotiating and finalizing the various agreements such as license agreement, management agreement, technical service agreement, etc. 

The intent is to build the maximum amount of flexibility and value in these agreements to maximize short term financial return and future ability to exercise a targeted exit strategy for sale or re positioning at the lowest cost.


From the outset, HA will act as the ear and eyes of the client in coordinating the initial design and concept charrette. This could entail prior assistance in selecting the design team partners, communicating with land planner and design professionals to maximize the owner's expectations within targeted time and financial constraints, resulting into defining of the overall scope of the project at hand.

HA will act as the communicating link between the design team, the ownership and the brand to facilitate and ensure proper implementation of the new development or re-positioning of the existing business venture.

Acting as the owner's representative in this process, HA will also oversee and control the procurement and installation of FF&E, OS&E, technology and signage requirements either directly or through third party professionals. 

We have the ability to negotiate on behalf of our clients in several languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Arabic with extensive expertise in Latin America, Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. 

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